AIS 2015

Modern Agriculture can be the Springboard for Domestic Farmers

Innovations for the sake of development: drones, GPS-controlled harvesting and magnetic spraying
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Hungary’s first agricultural innovation event was held on September 17, 2015 in Dunaföldvár, on the premise of Europe’s largest bioethanol plant. This event was home to all the important players in the sector and the participants were able to learn about the innovations of the future’s agriculture, which have been already available in domestic production. Pannonia Ethanol envisioned and performed this event with KITE Zrt and Dow AgroSciences as its main supporters.
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The Hungarian Agriculture’s engine
„The Hungarian Export Import Bank, one of the largest financial supporters of agriculture, recognized the potential of companies engaged in agricultural innovation and it supports the Hungarian agriculture via substantial investments and organizational developments. We have lent 129 billion forints of loan to 82 agricultural and food exporters in the course of the last 3 years. A successful agriculture is pivotal for the economy, since agricultural export accounts for 8 % of the whole Hungarian export performance. The sector’s growth can automatically result in the rise and growth of the processing industry as well”, said Zoltán Urbán, the CEO of the Hungarian Export Import Bank, in his opening speech.
All presenters agreed, that innovation is a must for the domestic and international competitiveness of sustainable agriculture. The developments point in the same direction: the goal is to achieve a larger yield with fewer resources on the same amount of land. Today, the concrete results of the innovation process benefit food production, bioethanol production, animal husbandry through feeding, climate- and environmental protection and rural development – or in other words, local farms and the local production of revenue.
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„There is still an enormous and untapped potential in Hungary and in the region and the historical moment (to tap into that) has come right now. We are able to catch up via the newly-developed technologies in a way, which benefits all the affected industries. Hungary’s potential clearly lies in the production of sustainable agricultural feedstock and there is no question about the growth of the processing industry – was said in the presentation of Pannonia Ethanol. As the largest bioethanol producer of Europe, we contribute to the Hungarian GDP with a yearly 450 million euros, which indirectly allowed the creation and support of 2000 rural jobs”.

Technology is also necessary for the farmers
Technological innovations based on the more efficient utilization of resources have come a long way in the past few years. The advancement of precision farming has sped up, drones appeared and the big data collected by the new technologies was consciously processed, interpreted and purposefully utilized.
In the event, Hungary’s market leader in precision farming held a live demonstration on how the full mechanization of farmland corn production (from tillage till harvest) is achieved. All the machines participating in the demo performed their job with a precision of +-2 cm thanks to KITE Zrt’s Real Time Kinematic signal network. Setting the machines’ movement and task is easy due to the prerecorded field contouring, trace lines and machine parameters.

A Hungarian startup called Agridon Kft also helps precision farming via the use of drone technology. The company-developed solution uses drones to map the differences within a plant species, therefore, it is easy to alter nutrient application even during the growing season (thanks to these maps). This technology enabled a 0.3-0.5 ton yield increase in corn production in 3 years.

The participants of the event also had a sneak peek of the developments and technologies of the world’s premier irrigation technology company, Netafim. Netafim’s tech improves water usage with effective methods. This can be of strategic importance to the domestic producers and farmers, which also holds true for minimizing pesticide application. A solution to the latter can be the drone-assisted soil sample designation. The professionals were also informed about the development of magnetic spraying, which can lead to a drastic, 70-80 %, reduction in the amount of used pesticides.
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