Pannonia Ethanol produces fuel ethanol and animal feed. The company is part of Ethanol Europe Renewables Limited. Pannonia Ethanol is located in Dunaföldvár, Tolna County, Hungary. In 2015 Pannonia will commission an expansion to become Europe’s largest ethanol plant.
Pannonia Ethanol produces equal quantities of ethanol and high protein animal feed using one million tons of corn per year to produce up to 450 million liters of ethanol, 330,000 tons of distillers’ grains and 15,000 tons of corn oil. European produced renewable ethanol is a socially and environmentally innovative way to reduce the amount of oil that Europe burns.

The world's fourth largest manufacturer of pesticide, committed to sustainable management, has developed solutions for the producers, enabling them to achieve the best results and yields under downward risks.
Dow AgroSciences Hungary offers a versatile cutting-edge technology within their line of products. In both herbicides and insecticides and also in fungicides.
KITE Zrt, the largest integrator of the agricultural sector, plays a major role in the commerce of input materials in farmland- and horticultural production as well as in the assistance services related to the former. It also plays a key role in the sales of agricultural machinery in the whole area of Hungary. KITE’s own service network allows it to assist spare parts supply and service provision via a modern technical and logistical system.
The Company can be credited for its major role in establishing, introducing and spreading domestic precision farming in Hungary. Today, farmers cultivate 800.000 hectares of farmland in Hungary with a GPS-equipped machine that was sold by KITE Zrt.

Continuously expanding and improving our smart drip and micro-irrigation offering, Netafim builds on over 45 years of innovation and field-proven success in agricultural irrigation worldwide. Keeping in mind our corporate promise to help customers grow more with less, we are constantly defining new ways of delivering on that pledge in an environmentally-conscious manner. With the world’s most efficient drip and micro-irrigation technology on the one hand, and recognition of the evolving needs of a diverse and dynamic global customer base on the other, our solutions are always more accurate, controlled, consistent and creative (compared to the solutions of our competitors).
Netafim was the company to invent and patent the drip irrigation technology in the middle of the 60s, which has since become commonplace and standard.

DuPont (NYSE: DD) has been bringing world-class science and engineering to the global marketplace in the form of innovative products, materials, and services since 1802. The company believes that by collaborating with customers, governments, NGOs, and thought leaders we can help find solutions to such global challenges as providing enough healthy food for people everywhere, decreasing dependence on fossil fuels, and protecting life and the environment. For additional information about DuPont and its commitment to inclusive innovation, please visit

About DuPont Industrial Biosciences
DuPont Industrial Biosciences works with customers across a wide range of industries to improve products and make processes more sustainable.   Through a unique combination of agricultural, biotechnology, chemical and material science capabilities, the organization delivers biobased solutions to meet the needs of a growing population.

DuPont Pioneer is the world’s leading developer and supplier of advanced plant genetics, providing high-quality seeds to farmers in more than 90 countries. Pioneer provides agronomic support and services to help increase farmer productivity and profitability and strives to develop sustainable agricultural systems for people everywhere. Science with Service Delivering Succes®.
INTL FCStone Inc., including its subsidiaries, is a leader in the development of specialized financial services in commodities, securities, global payments, foreign exchange and other markets. Our revenues are derived primarily from financial products and advisory services that fulfill our clients' real needs and provide bottom-line benefits to their businesses. We create added value for our clients by providing access to global financial markets using our industry and financial expertise, deep partner and network relationships, insight and guidance, and integrity and transparency. Our client-first approach engenders trust, and has enabled us to establish leadership positions in a number of complex fields in financial markets around the world.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle assisted modern sampling, mapping and surveying techniques to reflect in field heterogenity and assist precision agriculture. Utilizing the potentials of  multispectral images to  implement soil nutrient management according to actual plant conditions, soil nutrient availability and soil health status.

Agricultural Magnetics Limited is a high potential business startup supported by Enterprise Ireland, currently trading in East Africa & launching in Europe in Q4 2015. Our brand MagGrow is a new patented magnetic spraying technology system which optimizes pesticide spray application in the global horticulture & arable sectors of the agricultural industry.
Driven by a belief that all generations have the right to food & water, MagGrow was established in 2013 to innovate & inspire a better way of growing.
Our vision is to create, develop & lead a new global spraying application technology.
Based in the innovation centre in University College Dublin, Ireland, Agricultural Magnetics Ltd is led by a highly experienced management team with over 65 years of multinational experience consisting of Gary Wickham, CEO, BSC, MBA, Alison Healy, CCO, BSc, MII & David Moore, BEng, MEng, MBA.

As a significant player on the commercial banking market, Budapest Bank has an extensive branch network, as a result of which it is present in every county and large city. We have developed our services and products with an aim toward diversity, and we tailor them continuously to the changing needs of our clients.  The agricultural sector is of strategic importance to the financial institution: we are partners of agricultural businesses in financing, and are aiming to help their operations with a wide range of services and products. We have set up a specific agricultural team in order to provide effective help to the sector: our experts are thoroughly familiar with the situation, problems and needs of agricultural enterprises, and beyond our tailor-made services and products, we are aiming to contribute to their success by sharing our knowledge as well.

A devoted bank to agriculture, Raiffeisen Bank provides all agricultural companies with unique, specialized and competitive financial services in the fields of production, sales, commerce, processing and export thanks to the bank’s excellent partnerships and deep market and product knowledge.
The objective of the Hungarian Export-Import Bank Plc. (Eximbank) and the Hungarian Export Credit Insurance Plc. (MEHIB) is to serve Hungarian exporters through the provision of effective financing and insurance facilities. Acting as a tool for providing economic-policy incentive, the mission of Eximbank and MEHIB is to support Hungarian exporting enterprises in facilitating the retention of jobs, growth in employment and an expansion of Hungary’s export capacities. The state-owned Eximbank and MEHIB perform the tasks of Hungary’s export credit agency, which are regulated by the legislative frameworks of the OECD and the EU, with the basic objective of facilitating the sale of Hungarian goods and services in foreign markets.


Our Partners:

  • Dow AgroSciences – crop protection chemicals,
  • KITE Zrt. – precision farming,
  • Pannonia Ethanol – Europe's largest bioethanol producer